0 Mary is frustrated with her husband who wont let her have sex because hes too busy. At the hospital, she was diagnosed with a low sperm count, and although there was a non-zero chance of her becoming pregnant, it would be difficult unless a miracle happened. One day, her husbands father came to visit Tokyo and decided to stay the night. Her father-in-law was also looking forward to her grandchild, so he was unable to bring up his concerns. Marys father-in-law, who unexpectedly finds out about her sons situation, injects Mary with an aphrodisiac. Her stepfather asks her if she is really satisfied with having sex with his son. It was her father-in-law who violated Mary and creampied her, saying he would take responsibility as her parent. Mary became horny due to her father-in-laws repeated use of aphrodisiacs, and began to desire her father-in-law instead of her husband.

Actors: Tachibana Mary